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RoomFive Venue and Conferencing


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roomfive_image (1)RoomFive is a stylish venue built for the purpose of holding events and conferences. Each part of the business has been carefully thought through and designed accordingly.

The venue consists of beautiful charcoal walls and a large gold leaf 40m wall, walnut wood panelled entrance walls and manicured plastered, white ceilings and charcoal carpets throughout, accentuated by mirrored pillars and Styslish wooden and white box lights in the centre of the room with interchangeable colours or just warm light. The furniture and reception counter, bar and sound booth finishes are white with walnut touches. The floating , interlinked 3d box decor wall is both an eye catching feature and functional as you can either just lay in candles in the boxes or promote product or branding. Roomfive also has Moving head led lights , select your preferred colour wash and they transform the room.

Functions, Conferences, Events & Parties

RoomFive is fully equipped with all event basics from reception counter, stylish feature bar and back of house service bar, sound booth , reception area, banquet, event hall, smoking section balcony that can either be opened or closed off from the main hall, pamper station enroute from the bathrooms and we have our own kitchen, fully equipped to handle any event.

What’s included in the venue hire:

Power Availability

–         The Venue Hire includes full generator backup power
–         Generator is also installed with a 63 AMP plug in at our Power board
–         We have 2 patch pads  and each have a 1 x 32 AMP and 1 x 16 AMP plug in
–         We also have numerous plugs around the venue
AV Entertainment, technical breakdown:

The venue has built in all the basics your event will need with provision to accommodate any technical additions you may require.

– 2 x JBL PRX 715 subs with tops in main venue
– 10 x Vieta Ceiling speakers in front reception area
– 8 x Wall mounted surround sound Vieta speakers in the main venue
– 4 x 42 inch LCD TV’s in front reception ( 2 behind reception desk and 2 in the room) linked to Matrix switcher
– 4 x 50 inch LCD tvs in Main venue linked to Matrix switcher
– Large 4m x 3m Projector screen in Main venue
– Sony 5200 ANSI HD projector Big screen linked to Matrix switcher
– 2 x We also wireless handheld mics and 1 x wireless lapel mic
– 2 x Stage spot profile lights
– 4 x Stagg LED coloured moving heads in front reception linked to Titan One DMX system
– 9 x Stagg Coloured moving heads in Main venue linked to Titan One DMX system
– 2 x full patch pads with 22 mic inputs, DMX, Cat 5, Cat 7, VGA
– We have numerous DMX plug in points so the technical crew can add their lights and control their system and ours together
– Our chandeliers are fully removable at a small fee
– We have rigging points in the ceiling for stage or extra projector rigging that hold 1.5 tons load bearing with power points in the ceiling and DMX plug in

Power Availability:

–         The Venue Hire includes full generator backup power
–         Generator is also installed with a 63 AMP plug in at our Power board
–         We have 2 patch pads  and each have a 1 x 32 AMP and 1 x 16 AMP plug in
–         We also have numerous plugs around the venue

Seating and eating:

 – 20 White top cocktail tables
– 60 stylish white cocktail chairs
– 350 white banquet modular chairs
– 35 round tables
– 15 trestle tables
– 35 Salt and pepper cellars and bread baskets
– A choice of Either stylish white embossed table cloths or black embossed table cloths
– 350 white or black material serviettes
– All Glasses for setting and serving
– All cutlery and crockery required


The design of the venue leaves little to be decorated for your event but also provides a great palate to work with. For smaller events we have beautiful large white plinths with greens on which you can utilize accordingly for your event and the venue is also laid out with complimentary tea light candles in glass holders and encompassed with the scent of vanilla. We also provide a stylish flower arrangement service if you wish, which is an extra but competitive cost.

Any extra decor or hiring we can also provide if need be, please ask our team to assist.

Catering , Staff and Bar:

Catering is in house as RoomFive is owned by Franz Catering and Events whom have been operating for 7 years and have worked on events up to 15000 people at the same time, among cooking for various corporate giants, stylish VIP weddings, numerous heads of state, royal families and International Sports superstars , even to home parties and spit braais. We have a delicious selection of menus to peruse or we can create a special menu for your event.

If you would like to bring in either a strictly Halaal or Kosher caterer this is allowed upon Vetting of your caterer and a R60p/person surcharge is required. They will have full use of the kitchen facilities.

On bar we require a small deposit to be paid which is then worked on consumption on the tills. The client can run a tab and then go to cash bar if need be once the tab is done. We will send you a beverage list and the client can select their preferred items for the bar so that it doesn’t get too out of hand in terms of the bill. No alcohol or soft beverages are allowed to be brought onto the premises unless it has been pre-arranged with management and if allowed, as surcharge will apply according to the product. Our basic deposit required is R 100p/person excl Vat which will be subtracted against the actual bar tab at the end of the event.


Please contact RoomFive Venue and Conferencing for rates.